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Efes Hukuk Kapak - 1
İzmir Lawyer

About Us

We are a law firm specialized in its branches, organized according to the changing and globalizing world and legal orders. We examine every new problem that arises with the changing world with the necessary attention and care.

An integral part of the service we offer you, we create a close working environment with our clients so that they can make the right decisions in line with their necessary legal needs and we work result-oriented.

Together with our lawyers who are experts in their fields and our solution partners who carry out academic activities; Observing the rule of law and the interests of individuals; It is our vision to work in accordance with the law, morality and Atatürk's principles and reforms.



Karşıyaka Tower No:12 F:9 O:59 Karşıyaka/İzmir Turkey

Work Hours

Monday - Friday: 9:00am – 17:00pm


Phone+90 553 463 7079 , +90 534 415 52 56

Email: [email protected]

İzmir Lawyer

Efes Hukuk Bürosu olarak İzmir ili başta olmak üzere Türkiye’nin birçok farklı noktasında hukuki danışmanlık hizmeti vermekteyiz. İzmir Avukat

İzmir Avukat arayışlarınıza yönelik gerekli desteği sağlamakta ve hukuki uyuşmazlıklarına yönelik etkili çözümler üretmekteyiz.