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Personal Data Protection Law

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Personal Data Protection (KVKK & GDPR)

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We comply with the personal data protection legislation of our clients with a team experienced in data privacy and cyber security, manage the risk related to personal data, and align them with applicable privacy and security standards. With the services we offer within the scope of KVKK and our expert lawyer team, we carry out your legal compliance processes in your company.

Specific data privacy and cybersecurity services we provide for our clients include:

A- Measuring the Risk and Planning the Process

şirketinizikişisel verilerle ilgili riski yönetiyor ve geçerli gizlilik ve güvenlik standartlarına uy

  • Mapping the data process of your company, providing necessary interviews with departments,
  • Determining your risk score within your company,
  • Preparing a detailed prescription specific to your company by making the necessary determinations within the scope of in-house data security and personal data protection law,
  • Determining the road map in line with the risk report.

B- Essential Compliance Process

  • Preparation of necessary Consent and contracts, examination and reorganization of existing contracts,
  • Aligning Company Disciplinary Regulations and employment contracts with KVKK,
  • Taking administrative and technical measures against risks that may be encountered,
  • Creating other in-house KVKK Policies,
  • Making necessary arrangements in Service Contracts, Disciplinary Regulations and other documents.

C- Data Controller Registration and Management

  • Mapping the processes in which company data flow is performed
  • Creating a data matrix and preparing a data inventory within the framework of legislation,
  • Selecting the Data Contact Person,
  • Performing the registration of the Data Controller Registry.

D- Creating a Personal Data Retention Policy

  • Creating a Personal Data Retention Policy,
  • Providing consultancy on technical, legal and administrative measures required to ensure internal data security,
  • Preparation of Tracking System for Storage and Destruction Processes

E- Consultancy

  • Preparing and reporting the legal regulations and current decisions,
  • Fulfilling the necessary correspondence / preparing the necessary responses regarding the requests and complaints of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the relevant persons,
  • Initiating the necessary legal process in case of data breaches and providing the necessary support in the process of reporting to the institution.

F- Education

  • Personal Data Protection Law Awareness and Basic Compliance Training,
  • Remote Basic Awareness Training Animations

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