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İzmirdeki Avukatlar

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Why Us?

Systematic and Analytical Thinking

We divide the legal problem or issue we encounter into sub-topics with the deductive method, evaluate each information separately, divide the disputes into pieces and analyze the whole by starting from the elements of the questioning of the information. In this way, we produce practical solutions against complex legal processes.

One-on-One Communication and Accessibility

The importance of getting reliable service in the legal sector is undeniable. Providing this service in the best way is directly related to the institutional work and experience of the law firm. Emphasis on business ethics and employees' respect for customer confidentiality and privacy rules are also among the issues of utmost importance.

One-on-One Communication and Accessibility

In order to understand the expectations of our clients in the best way and to produce effective solutions, we communicate directly and respond quickly to their information and requests.

Multidisciplinary Perspective

Çoklu disiplinli yaklaşım ilkemiz ile birden fazla alanda uzmanlık seviyesine ulaşmış ekibimiz ile vermekte olduğumuz hukuki hizmet kapsamında uzmanlıklarımızı harmanlayarak fark yaratan, yenilikçi bir bakış ortaya çıkarmaktayız.

Qualified Investigation & Research Processes

In our research processes, we value sector knowledge as well as legal regulations, jurisprudence and doctrine; We complete our examinations with great care.

Effective Petition Writing

Procedures and styles have a high impact on legal processes; We include effective expression methods within the scope of our petitions.

Planned Process Tracking

We do not leave room for mistakes with the checklists and work flow processes we have prepared within the scope of our corporate structure.

Approach that Removes the Barriers

We are not after the problems that may arise, but the solutions you can follow to overcome them.

Effective Public Speaking & Presentation Ability

The correct and successful transmission of the information you transfer in legal processes is a key factor. In this context, we choose the right medium and apply communication techniques by considering the rhetoric and presentation techniques appropriate to the environment we are in.

High Level of Privacy and Information Security

Our experience with ISO 27001: 2013 and Personal Data Protection expertise, we consider the privacy of your private life at a high level and we do the best to keep what private, well "private".

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