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Enforcement Law

İzmir İcra Avukatı
İzmir İcra Avukatı

İzmir İcra Avukatı | Enforcement Law | İzmir Lawyer | İzmir Law Firm

Execution and Bankruptcy Law; It is a branch of law that regulates how the debt will be collected if the debtor does not pay the debt. Execution proceedings can be carried out against the debtor, as well as through bankruptcy if the conditions are met. What legal remedies the debtor can take in the face of an unfair execution or bankruptcy proceedings and what processes will follow, what legal possibilities the creditor has to collect the receivables, how the debtor's property will be seized and how the money will be converted, under which conditions the bankruptcy can be requested. and it is essential for companies to obtain effective legal assistance.

Efes Law Firm provides the following services as well as consultancy to natural and legal persons within the scope of disputes arising from Execution and Bankruptcy Law.

  • Preparation and opening of enforcement proceedings with and without notice regarding the collection of commercial and personal receivables,
  • Ensuring the restructuring of individual and company debts,
  • Conducting settlement negotiations with creditors,
  • Providing legal support in order to protect their rights and interests in execution proceedings against clients,
  • The evacuation of the rented immovables by way of execution,
  • Bankruptcy follow-up; follow-up of bankruptcy proceedings,
  • Postponement of Bankruptcy,
  • Concordat announcement,
  • Restructuring of Capital Companies and Cooperatives by means of conciliation
  • Follow-up of negative determination and restraint cases,
  • Follow-up of Proceedings,
  • Follow-up of Tender Termination Cases.
  • Follow-up by means of lien on bills of exchange,
  • Follow-up by Converting the Hostage into Money,
  • Under the new Check Law; Filing a criminal complaint and following up the processes regarding Bad Check Issuing,
  • Lien
  • Claims for cancellation, complaints, remuneration, restitution and compensation due to confiscation proceedings and related lawsuits.

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