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İzmir Start-Up Avukatı
Izmir Start-Up Lawyer

Izmir Start-Up Lawyer | Start-Up Law | Start-Up Lawyer | Izmir Lawyer | Izmir Law Office

You have a great idea and you're on the way to silicon valley. What is the worst that can happen? Do not even ask. In this process, having a legal team you trust is not a luxury, but a necessity. This is exactly what we are here with our plans for start-ups. We work to achieve the goal with our solution-oriented flexible structure, not to hamper you with strict legal procedures such as firm law firms. Today, we know that uncontrolled growth is risky as well as growing (for example).

From company establishment to investment processes; we act with the aim of protecting you against the legal risks you will encounter, from the protection of your brand to the protection of personal data. We produce creative solutions to offer you the best and fastest solution with our integrated working style with technology. In this context, we provide consultancy to the board of directors, investors and senior managers on the establishment of a healthy corporate structure during the establishment and investment stages and then provide financing to the board of directors, investors and senior managers, and prepare for the first public offering transactions, and we carry out the preparation of all these processes and transactions with them.

Our services include, but not limited to;

  • Preparation of confidentiality agreements
  • Providing regular legal consultancy support
  • Planning and establishment of legal infrastructure
  • Legal risk managment
  • Providing legal support in special projects of the company
  • Ability to provide services in various provinces
  • Performing periodic legal assessment meetings, legal training and audits
  • Corporate law consultancy support
  • Carrying out the necessary legal processes in Privacy Laws, Intellectual Property and Company Establishment processes
  • Orginizing the legal stracture of human resources department and the legal status of employees
  • Organizing the Legal Structure of Commercial Processes

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