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Intellectual Property Law

İzmir Marka Avukatı
İzmir IP Lawyer

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The importance of intellectual assets such as companies' know-how, brands, patents is now much higher than the physical inventory in many sectors. Your intellectual property forms your intellectual property; Intellectual property is a concept that emerges as a result of intellectual efforts in industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields and is used to express all kinds of rights in the commercial field. Intellectual property, in general, is the area where copyright and neighboring rights are regulated, which can be called "intellectual rights", and "industrial rights", which include trademarks, designs, patents and utility models, integrated circuit topographies, geographical signs and similar elements. It is divided into sections and the brand, which is the subject of the relevant study, is also evaluated within the scope of industrial rights.

It is your most natural right to demand the protection of such an important asset. One of the best solutions to prevent infringement of your brand and intellectual assets in the future is to have a good legal consultancy. During this process, it provides solution-oriented and practical consultancy services; We work to protect the elements that add value to you.

In this context, trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, copyrights, registration, follow-up and objection services with the Turkish Patent Institute, international registration services, protection of industrial and intellectual property at home and abroad, license agreements, know-how and technology We provide consultancy services regarding legal disputes that may arise in areas such as transfer agreements, protection of trade secrets, protection of commercial reputation and reputation, trade name and business names, unfair competition, media and advertising law, Broadcasting and TV and Radio Broadcasting law, domain names.

Fikri ve Sinai Haklar Hukuk Mahkemelerinde Dava Ne Kadar Sürer?

Adli Sicil ve İstatistik Genel Müdürlüğü – Adli İstatistikler 2021

2021 adli sicil istatistiklerine göre, fikri ve sinai haklar hukuk mahkemesinde ortalama bir davanın karara çıkma süresi 357 gündür.

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